WordPress plugin Branded social images

The simplest way to brand your social images

Provide all your social images (Open Graph images) with your brand en text. In just a few clicks.

Made with Made with love for WordPressWordPress plugin for Branded social images

From Bland ...

Sure it looks ok-ish.
But aren't we missing a brand and some context?

WordPress plugin for Branded social images

... to Brand

Much better!
Stand out from the rest with branded social images!

WordPress plugin for Branded social images

Rich social images with just a few clicks.

This plugin creates rich social images to match with your company’s style. Including a company logo and title. The images can either be auto-generated for the entire site or you have the option to overrule this per page/post. Works with every post-type in WordPress!

  1. Our plugin automatically generates an image with a title and company logo
  2. Not happy with the auto-generated result. Edit them per post or page


  • Global fallback image configuration
  • Upload your own logo
  • Set logo size and position
  • Choose any font you like
  • Set font size and text position
  • Set font color
  • Add drop shadow to text
  • Add background behind text

Ultimate flexibility

Pick your desired image, font, logo, alignment, background, colors and more... All in just a few clicks!

WordPress plugin for Branded social images WordPress plugin for Branded social images
WordPress plugin for Branded social images WordPress plugin for Branded social images

Easy and simple configuration

There is one global configuration panel. This is where you can configure your global settings like; fallback social image, global text, logo image. Just using these settings will work for 90% of all cases.
Then there is the per page/post settings screen. This is where (if you feel the need) you can override the global settings. Knock yourself out!

Is it really free?

Yes it is. There is no premium version, no hidden costs.
So just install and enjoy.


For all your support questions please visit our support forum on the official WordPress website.


Does this plugin work with third party plugins like Yoast etc.?

This plugin will take the title from the page as it is created by ANY SEO-plugin, and if you want, you can change it. E.g. If you have used Yoast-SEO to choose an OG:Image, this plugin will use it as well.

How do I configure the plugin?

After installing the plugin, go to the "Branded social images" configuration page and set your fallback image, font, -color and -size, add your logo, and you are done.

How do I add my own fonts?

To use your own font, you need a .TTF (True Type Font) file. You can get this from any source you wish, just make sure it is an ordinary font (Google's variable fonts will not work). Upload the font with the "Upload custom font" feature.

Why we’ve made this plugin?

In our daily work as an internet agency we ran into missing or poor quality social images (Open Graph images). Or even worse; no social image at all.

You know they say “a picture says more than a thousand words”. Well that is not the case with social images. Because how much better would it be when the image being shared has a company logo and some explaining text on it?

So, for the most important pages, we used to create those branded social images by hand in software like Photoshop or Sketch. Works fine but takes a lot of time! Let’s make a plugin for this.